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The Best Veggie Burger You Haven’t Had Yet

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How much meat is too much? When meat consumption turns into a daily endeavor, it may be time to cut down. Incorporating at least one “meatless” day a week can do wonders for your health. It also raises a question: where can you get a high-quality meat substitute that’s not riddled with ingredients that are hardly pronounceable? Veggie burgers are becoming abundant in the American marketplace. There’s a challenge in finding the right vegetarian patty, though.

After a while of searching, Sweet Earth veggie patties have us hooked.

Here are three reasons why their veggie patties will make your transition to a plant-based diet a little bit easier:

1) High Quality Plant Protein

With about 18 grams of protein per patty, the product parallels the protein content of a serving of traditional turkey breast. The patties are black bean and lentil based.

2) Organic and Natural Ingredients

The biggest issue with many meat alternatives is the lack of real ingredients and the huge presence of preservatives. Sweet Earth uses natural, fresh ingredients like organic red peppers, carrots, zucchini, quinoa, and brown rice.

3) Versatility

Between their Santa Fe patty (Mexican influence) and the Za’Atar (Indian influence), there are tons of ways to utilize the patties. Make a sandwich or some curry. Or even a salad! The list goes on, and on.

Cutting down on meat consumption may seem like a chore in itself, but there are tons of different ways to start. Companies like Sweet Earth are making this transition a little bit easier.

Enjoy the challenge, and stay healthy. Why should you live the sweet life?

Look at the difference you could make!

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