Eat. Learn.

Plan Those Meals!


It’s your Whole 30 fairy again to impart some life saving wisdom. I want you to come real close to your computer screen and listen to this gentle wisdom I’m about to impart.


Sorry. That was harsh. I still love you, but you need to know the truth. Planning is essential.

Here is what I do (and I apologize if it seems trivial that I’m going back to basics, but some of you beautiful people need it):

1) Choose a day. Any day. Preferably when you aren’t working so that you can cook the crap out of your kitchen. Think about buying some Whole 30 Kitchen Essentials, like: a food processor, immersion blender, spiralizer, mandolin, peeler, zester, grater, a good set of knives, etc. Now, do I have all of these in kitchen? Yes, but only because I’m a crazy person. You definitely don’t need all of these. An immersion blender or food processor will do just fine! Then, use that day to cook up a storm. It’s fun, crazy, and a really good way to take control of your week.

2) Make a grocery list. Yes, I know. You think it’s easier and less time consuming to just go on over to Trader Joes (or any health food store, I just have a major crush on TJ’s) and willy-nilly buy some produce and protein. WRONG. It is both time and cost effective to have a plan based on your…wait for it…

3) Meal plan!!! Do you have to make a meal plan? Well, you’re an adult so I’ll let you make the rules, but if you’re new to Whole 30, new to cooking, or just have a jam packed schedule, I would highly suggest it. Here is a template that I made so you can see what I’m talking about: Whole 30 meal planner.

And here’s the template filled in: Whole 30 meal planner week one (yeah I know I’m really cool, I used word art.) I didn’t include snacks but I usually turn to veggie sticks, home-made veggie chips, fruit, and nuts.

Can you just use my first week as yours? ABSOLUTELY!

I tend to not use a planner anymore and just cook up a large quantity of lean meats, veggies, soups, and dips on my day off and then decide my meals morning of, but seriously do whatever works for YOU!

Hope this helps and thank you for forgiving my sass and the occasional outburst. I just get really excited about cooking and so should YOU! It’s really fun. I promise you. Go get the book. It helps. Next up is a dish of my own creation: Salmon with creamy balsamic sauce!

xoxo Kate

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