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No Whey, Bro!



No Whey, Bro! I want something else.

If you’re like me, you need and want two things before a workout:

  1. A pre-workout boost of energy/nutrition
  2. Something that doesn’t have ingredients that look like they came from either a periodic table or could be mistaken for ingredients in Walter White’s famous meth in Breaking Bad.

I try to pay as close attention to the ingredients in foods as do their overall nutritional value. With that being said, I try and stay away from protein powders and pre-workout supplements because, in my mind, they have way more than just protein or caffeine that could be toxic to the body.

Here’s a list of my top-seven all-natural workout snacks:


Rootz Nutrition

This is an amazing product. Not only is it a pre-workout supplement, but it’s also an overall wellness product. Us, along with Rootz Nutrition, truly have no patience for “most of the products on the market [that are] loaded with chemicals and artificial ingredients…” For all of you Paleos out there, Rootz Nutrition prides themselves on being 100% Paleo-friendly; in fact, that’s the true motivation behind the product. Meaning, they couldn’t find a paleo-friendly pre-workout. Thus, Rootz Nutrition was born. Check them out.


I’ve used this product a few times and find it to be one of the best natural, pre-workout supplements on the market. As one reviewer states, BeetElite “…puts the pep back in your step, great for long runs. Mixes well, palatable too!!” The one thing about this to keep in mind is that it’s a supplement and not really an overall wellness product.

Almond Butter & Banana Sandwich

If you take two slices of 7 grain bread and slap some almond butter with cut up bananas on there, it could provide you the fuel you need to get through a tiring workout. Bananas are a great source of potassium while the almond butter will give you the healthy fat and protein you need to push through. Also, who the hell doesn’t like almond butter? If they don’t, I’d love to have a chat with them.

Adding Honey to A Snack

Research has shown that foods high in fructose and glucose are far greater than foods solely containing glucose. Rather than using sports drinks that are high in glucose, try honey. Adding honey will give you equal parts fructose and glucose, and also contain high amounts of vitamins and antioxidants.

Mangos, Watermelon, Pineapples

The theme? Choose fruits that are higher in sugar than others. Aside from providing the higher sugar, you’ll reap the benefits of a great source of fiber and vitamins. Try it! You’ll love it, bro!


So, 30 minutes to an hour before your workout, make some oatmeal. I try and put some almond milk in my dry oats in order to cook it with a nice milky flavor. Put some honey in it! Put some almond butter in it! They key here, though, is this: oats are high in fiber, which means it’ll gradually release carbohydrates into the blood stream as you work out.

Egg Whites (Maybe With Some Veggies)

If you want that protein, cook up some egg whites—I like using olive oil or coconut oil. You can add some spinach, mushrooms, or some peppers; you can even add all of them! Go buck wild. Each egg white will give you about 4 grams of protein and only contains about 20 calories. The egg white is really only protein. It’s a lightweight, nicely-packed way to get protein before or after a workout.

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