Organic Pre-Workout Energizer


You’re ready to start taking a supplement before you workout, but you’re unsure of where to turn. Lots of pre-workout supplements on the market are loaded with artificial ingredients and preservatives. Many are also pasteurized and highly processed. Be wary of these guys! Our rule of thumb is this: If an ingredient is hard to pronounce, or has more letters than the alphabet, it’s best to skip it. Also, be wary of products containing lots of ingredients. If the ingredient list is longer than 8 items, there is a great chance the item is highly processed.

Making your own pre-workout mix is a lot easier than you think! They are loaded with nutrition and will help keep you energized during your workout. All you’ll need is a large sports (or blender) bottle. Our SHLA raw pre-workout drink is the answer you’ve been looking for. The beet juice and wheatgrass work as vasodilators which help widen your blood vessels, allowing for a natural energy rush. Apple Cider Vinegar works to balance your body’s acidity. This pH balance creates harmony in the body systems and can help eliminate excess acid from muscle tissues. Honey’s low glycemic index means it can you allow for a slow and steady release of glucose into the blood, which can keep your body from using its stored muscle glycogen as fuel.

What You’ll Need

8 cups water

2 tbsp. organic raw honey

2 tsp. organic beet juice powder

1 tsp. organic wheat grass juice powder

1 tbsp. Braggs’ organic apple cider vinegar


1) Combine all ingredients in blender bottle

2) Shake it up!

PS: If you don’t have wheatgrass or beet juice powder, simply combine honey, water, and apple cider vinegar! Stay Healthy!

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