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Meet The Water Bottle Of The Future


Colder. Hotter. Longer. Happier. That’s the slogan of an incredibly hot (no pun intended) waterbottle on the market.

The Hydro Flask is a vacuum-insulated water bottle that seems to be popping up everywhere–from the gym, to the workplace, and even in most markets. Their trademarked TempShield™ double wall insulatation protects temperature from outside elements. Cold water stays icy cold for up to 24 hours. Hot liquids stay steaming hot up to 6 hours. The bottle comes in over 10 colors, with an incredibly smooth matte finish. For those who tend to drop things, have no fear: The Hydroflask may be the most durable water bottle that has ever slid out of your hands. All of Hydroflask’s products are made with 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel – a metal recognized for its strength and purity. It also protects against flavor transfer, so today’s tea won’t taste like last week’s coffee. The point here is that transporting the bottle is nowhere near being an issue; in fact, it’s enjoyable to carry.

When you take the first sip of water from this bottle, you’ll understand the Hydroflask difference. The bottle itself somehow makes water taste better (it’s pretty incredible). Say good-bye to those dreaded days of having to pout at how much water is left to drink. Every sip encourages another sip, which makes the goal of drinking as much water as possible a seamless one.

Check out the bottle here!

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