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    Mediterranean Kale Salad

    Kale is a beautiful vegetable because of its incredible versatility. Raw or cooked, the possibilities and combinations are endless. Kale also pairs very well with complex carbohydrate rich foods like quinoa,…

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    Food of the Week: Kale

    Each week, SHLA will feature a Food of the Week. We will provide you with nutritional information, tasty recipes, and a little history for the selected item. Healthy food can taste amazing, and…

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    SHLA Friday Recipe: Cumin Curried Hummus

    Happy Friday! It’s that time of week, and all of us here at Stay Healthy LA hope you had a productive, happy, and healthy one. The weekend means that it’s time…

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    Lemon Ginger Turmeric Detox Tonic

    After a heavy meal or just to start your day off right, our lemon ginger turmeric detox tonic can help flush toxins from your body. Lemon and ginger are powerful detoxifiers that…