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    Lettuce Talk How To Properly Store Your Produce

    We’ve all been there: wondering why this tomato, onion, or bunch of asparagus we literally just bought is already going bad. It sometimes feels as though from the time between leaving…

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    Food of the Week: Banana

    Harvested year round, bananas are loaded with many nutrients! Belonging to the Musaceae family of plants, the banana plant grows 10 to 26 feet. Oh My! The cluster of fruits can contain…

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    A Step Towards Converting Cemeteries Into Forests

      Bios Urn‘s mission is essentially simple: let’s turn graveyards into forests. Imagine a cemetery without any tombstones, but with trees. Your loved ones will sprout into a tall, beautiful form…

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    Eat. Exercise. Learn.

    Meet The Water Bottle Of The Future

    Colder. Hotter. Longer. Happier. That’s the slogan of an incredibly hot (no pun intended) waterbottle on the market. The Hydro Flask is a vacuum-insulated water bottle that seems to be popping…

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    Eat. Learn.

    Tired of Quinoa? Us Too.

    4 Complex Carbohydrate Alternatives You Should Be Adding To Your Diet As we strive to make healthier choices with our eating, it’s important to know what sorts of carbohydrates we should…

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    Eat. Learn.

    No Whey, Bro!

      No Whey, Bro! I want something else. If you’re like me, you need and want two things before a workout: A pre-workout boost of energy/nutrition Something that doesn’t have ingredients…

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    SHLA Favorite: Guiltless Cocktail Recipe

    It’s Saturday night and you’re ready to let loose. But you begin to feel guilty about allowing any alcohol into your diet. There’s nothing to fear, though! Each Saturday, we will feature a…