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3 Ways Trail Running Can Improve Your Running Game


So you’re an avid road warrior  who commands the attention of the traffic. But, you begin to notice something. You aren’t getting faster, you’ve plateaued. This is a common theme for strict roadrunners, but also has a (somewhat) easy fix.

Enter, trails. Trail running will be your new best friend. Why? It’s simple:

1) Varying Terrain

Terrain on trails isn’t fixed -it’s constantly changing. Sometimes you’re running on soft sand, sometimes you’re running on rocks. These obstacles force you to adapt your stride, translating well to pace changes on the road

2) Leg Strength and Core Strength

The muscles required for road running are different than the muscles used for lateral movement. Since you will often find yourself on uneven terrain, you’ll work other muscle groups in your legs, hips, and core, which will help increase your comprehensive running ability.

3) Increase Aerobic Threshold

Terrain on trails will cause you to slow your pace down. They make for good active recovery or for long-endurance runs since, at times, it will be too difficult to run your normal pace.

Lastly, trails are beautiful! It’s nice to get outside and away from the hustle and bustle of the roads. So, lace up your trail shoes and get over to your nearest trail!

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