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3 Reasons Kombucha May Be Your New Best Friend


Uncovering the truth in why something is “healthy” usually takes some effort, especially when the consumption is due to a trend in food culture.  Kombucha is now a beverage you will see in almost every market. It’s been around for over 2,000 years, yet the demand for the fermented tea has spiked rampantly over the past few years.

What is it about the somewhat alcoholic (Less than 1%, but have your ID ready!), fermented, and carbonated drink that makes it “healthy?”

Here are three reasons why it’s a good idea to pop open a bottle of Kombucha:

1) Probiotic Nature

Due to its probiotic content, Kombucha helps break down food and aids in the digestive process. Probiotics can also help with mood stability and mental clarity by reducing levels of depression and anxiety.

2) Joint Care

Kombucha contains glucosamine, which helps preserve cartilage and prevent arthritis.

3) Antioxidant Rich

Kombucha contains a high content of anti-oxidants. Consuming the beverage is a great way to boost your immunity and help boost  energy levels naturally. 

For information on how to brew your own Kombucha, check this out.

Stay Heathy, and drink up!

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