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2016’s Top Health, Fitness, and Wellness Trends

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Well, put short: 2016 screamed by. Does it feel like that to you, too?

Aside from time speeding up, if we look into our rear-view mirrors and reflect back on the trends that defined 2016 it’s interesting to see what direction we’re headed into. From products to styles of workouts to health practices, this year has been cemented a definition of what it means to stay healthy.

No. 1: The Rise Of The Hydro Flask.

It’s pretty crazy to think that the Hydro Flask, although founded in 2009, really flourished and took off this year. The everyday water consumer (hopefully everyone!) to the elite athlete seems to have found not just a liking, but a love for the–what seems like–reinvented water bottle.











No. 3 Raw, Simple, Yummy Bowls

2016 seems to have given birth to a new range of items on the menu: bowls. Bowls usually are a solid mix of grains, greens, and some sort of meat or vegetarian equivalent for protein (tofu). And, yeah, I’ll pay $1 for added avocado, please!




No. 5 Cauliflower Rice

Move on over, rice! That’s right: there’s a new sherif in town. Cauliflower rice has been hitting the markets this year like it’s no one’s business. The main attraction seems to be its nutritional makeup; it seems to fit into everyones style of eating. Whether you’re paleo, vegan, gluten-free, or just want an alternative to rice, here’s the answer. If Google Trends is any indication of whether or not it’s landed on our plates this year, then we’re officially devouring cauliflower.



No. 2: Wearable Tech in Fitness.

There’s been a huge push towards utilizing the time that one spends exercising whether it’s running, swimming, hiking, etc. to track some important data. To begin with, it’s important when training for a 5K, 10K, or even a Spartan Race to know your pace; keeping track of performance while you train is what truly takes your game to the next level. We’re surrounded by so much technology and truly are living in a digital era, but some of that tech has made some insight into our own bodies that much more available and, ultimately, useful.






No. 4: Group Fitness Classes.


Group fitness, although it’s nothing new on the block, has seen a huge spike this year. With services like ClassPass, you can experience group fitness classes on entirely new levels. Group fitness seemed to have hit a new high this year. Crossfit definitely has added to this spike.


No. 6: Reducetarianism?

You might be a Reduceatariast and not even know it! 2016 has felt like the year where cutting out meat in our diets has been a common goal. The structure of “vegan”, “vegetarian”, “only eat fish”, and so on has seemed to fade away. As a culture that’s majorly been defined by labels and boundaries, this year seems like a year that’s stripped off the notion of labeling a diet.







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